WP Link To This Post is a plugin which makes it easier for your visitors to link back to your posts. It creates an HTML code after the post content so that a visitor can easily copy it to be able to use in other posts, pages or any part of a website.

Get Backlinks Easier

If a person wants to add a link to your post, he/she would need to type the HTML code manually or follow 3-4 steps to be able to do achieve it.

WP Link To This Post reduces the operation for others to add a link to your posts into one easy step.


You can download the plugin by using the button below.


Copy the unzipped folder under wp-content/plugins folder via FTP. Go to your Plugins menu in the admin area and activate the plugin.

When you activate the plugin, it will automatically create a title “Link to this post:” and an HTML code underneath it. Simple and effective.

A Screenshot

Here is a screenshot from one of my posts.

See It In Action

You can see from a live example how it looks. Check out the posts in this blog. (http://en.ozhandonder.net/)

Verison Summary

Version 1.0 – active

Further Suggestions

Feel free to ask anything or make any comments. Thanks.